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Event Horizon: San Diego's Funnest Rock Cover Band





Event Horizon is a 5-person, female-fronted cover band based in San Diego, California.  The band plays rock and dance/pop music from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s with a focus on songs that are highly recognizable and danceable. We pride ourselves on having a fun and varied set list that makes us stand out among other cover bands. We keep our shows fresh by not only playing current and classic hits, but also songs that are loved yet rarely heard. Event Horizon includes lead singer JENNIFER McKENNA, drummer FRED ROSE, rhythm guitarist JAMES MENZEL, bassist BRIAN MILNE, and lead guitarist ERIK MOBERLY.  Collectively, the band has over 100 years of musical experience to draw from, including playing in cover bands and originals.  The band’s goal is to make every gig an event – fun and full of energy.



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Sweet Child O' Mine - A cover of Guns n Roses
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The Middle - A cover of Jimmy Eat World
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Eruption - You Really Got Me soda - Covering the Van Halen version, Soda Bar 6/19/2016
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Fred Rose, 760-845-5382

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